An open discussion on the Icelandic saga Burnt Njal

Discussions at the Saga Centre

The Njal Fire from Burnt Njal has a 1000 year anniversary

Bjarni Sigurðsson

Bjarni Eiríkur Sigurðsson

Einar Kárason

Einar Kárason

Elísabet Kristín Jökulsdóttir

Elísabet Kristín Jökulsdóttir

Sigurður Hróarsson

Sigurður Hróarsson

On Sunday, March 6, at. 13:00 (and into the afternoon) there will be an open discussion on the Icelandic saga Burnt Njal, at the Saga Centre Hall in Hvolsvöllur town.
Speakers will be Elisabet Kristin Jokulsdóttir writer, Einar Karason writer, Bjarni Eirikur Sigurdsson Burnt Njal expert and Sigurdur Hroarsson literary scholar. Einar will inform us who is the author of the Saga – no more no less, and Sigurdur Bjarni will talk about the author of the Saga and his methods, but Elisabet will surprise us with her story. Between discussions and when they finish there will be a general discussion about the Saga and its author. Everyone is welcome to listen to speeches and participate in the discussion. Admission ISK 1000. Coffee and cakes. The bar will be open.

There will also be an exhibition by Thorhildur Jondsdottir, where you can find paintings of the characters from the Burnt Njal saga.

Exhibition of characters from the saga Burnt Njal

New exhibition

Þórhildur Jónsdóttir

Þórhildur Jónsdóttir

Þórhildur Jónsdóttir

Þórhildur Jónsdóttir

Þórhildur Jónsdóttir

Þórhildur Jónsdóttir

An exhibition of paintings by Thorhildur Jonsdottir, of the characters from the Icelandic saga Burnt Njal – the paintings are owned by Bjarni Eiríkur Sigurdsson – The exhibition will open in Gallery Worm in the Saga Centre on Sunday 27th February at. 16:00.

The exhibition lasts until mid-April.

Thorhildur Jonsdottir was born at Breidabolstad in Fljotshlid in the spring of 1952. She graduated from the Icelandic Arts and Crafts school in 1972 and has since worked in graphic design. For the last twenty-five years she has been working at her own firm – Thorhildur advertising agency.

Art Exhibition – Gisli Sigurdsson

Flosi stekkur yfir gjana
Gisli Sigurdsson
Siglt med sagnaarfinn
Jotuninn stendur með jarnstaf í hendi
Minutu fyrir miklahvell

Gisli is a well known painter in Iceland. He is also the author of many books on the history of Iceland. Gisli passed away earlier this year, 79 years old. His eightieth birthday would have been December 3rd and therefore this exhibition is held on Saturday December 4th.

His latest work will be on display along with a few of his carvings of famous historical vikings. The paintings and the carvings are often connected to the famous Icelandic viking saga: The story of burnt Njal.

Around 20 paintings will be on display and they will all be for sale.

Date: Saturday December 4
Formal opening at: 15:00
Opening hour: 15:00 – 1700
All the painting are for sale.

Further information – Gisli Sigurdsson

Gisli Sigurdsson was born 1930 on a farm near Geysir. He has been painting for 50 years and his painting has gone through various stages in this 50 years period. Inspired first by a magnificent landscape of mountains, glaciers and lava, he began painting landscapes. But shortly after 1950 the thrust of modernism was very common among artists, and Gísli as well as a number of other painters in Iceland took up more or less abstract painting. Still under influence of Icelandic nature, the source of the abstract pictures was found in the landscape.

After 1970 Gisli turned away from abstractions and began painting in the figurative way again, now mainly people. This was a narrative period, the motives from old sagas and folklore. That developed by the years into more and more fantasy-painting and the source was mainly poetry. He even held one big exhibition at the Kjarvalsstaðir museum in 1982 where all the paintings derived from poetry.

This period was extended to 1998, when the circle was closed and Gisli Sigurdsson was again inspired by the landscape, mainly the landscape of high altitude and wilderness in Iceland, which has a very special beauty. He has been working on this theme since, sometimes in quite a figurative way, though always somewhat stylized. The motive can a panorama, but it can as well be something very small and close; something you see in this nature if you look down by your feet. And if you are not familiar with that kind of nature, some of the pictures might seem to be abstract.

Concert – Bjartmar Gudlaugsson

Hordur Torfason
Hordur Torfason

Bjartmar Gudlaugsson was born on June 13 in 1952. He is an Icelandic musician, poet and artist who begun releasing music in the 80´s. In the 90´s Bjartmar moved to Denmark for five year where he, amongst other things, studied arts. He has made many popular hits in Iceland and he is very popular here.

Bjartmar is performing at a concert at the Saga Centre on December 2nd. The concert begins at 21:00.

Date: December 2
The concerts begin at: 21:00
The house opens at: 20:00
Entrance fee: 1.500 ISK

The songwriter Hordur Torfa

Hordur Torfa is the first and a unique Icelandic troubadour. As a musician, he has been admired and respected since 1970. He started out as just another guy, plucking at the strings of an old guitar, making up melodies to go with other people’s lyrics. People started hearing him and about him here and there as early as the mid-sixties.

Hordur Torfa has released 22 albums and the concerts are countless, at home and abroad. Hordur Torfa has been working as an independent songwriter since 1972. His website is now 15 years old, there you can find further information about him and his work:

Hordur Torfa is performing at a concert at the Saga Centre, on Thursday November 18th 2010, at 21:00.

Date: November 18
The house opens at 20:00
Entrance fee: 2.000,- ISK


Thorunn Arna Kristjansdottir, Skuli mennski (Skuli Human) and the band Grjot

Thursday September 30
The house opens at 20:00 and the concert begins at 21:00
Price per ticket is 1000 ISK

Thorunn Arna Kristjansdottir singing
Skuli mennski singing
Dagur Bergsson keyboard
Halldor Gunnar Palsson guitar
Oskar Thormarsson drums
Valdimar Olgeirsson bass

The group moves songs from various sources. Old known Icelandic songs mixed with recent material by Skuli Thordarson. Refreshing rockabilly, boogy and blues, melancholy jazz and love duets. Skuli human and the band Grjot released the same titled album earlier this year and have been around ever since. Festivals and concerts like: I never went south in Isafjordur, Wild West in Akranes and Blues-festival in Hvolsvöllur. They acquired a new friend recently. Thorunn Arna Kristjánsdóttir graduated from the acting department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts this spring and began work immediately at the National Theatre.
Skuli and the band Grjot perform at the Sage Centre.

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

This is what the children want to see

opens at the Saga Centre in Hvolsvollur on Thursday August 26 and lasts for one month.


A traveling show from the Centre of Culture in Gerduberg. Showing illustrations from Icelandic children books. The illustrations displayed also compete for the Icelandic illustration awards Dimmalimm.

There will be illustrations, from 33 children books by 25 artists, on display. The show is for children at any age. We encourage parents and children at any age to come to the Saga Centre and enjoy the beautiful display.

The display is open every day from 15th of September from 09 – 18.

You can also order an appointment to view the exhibition after opening hours.

Entrance is free of charge.



MOSES HIGHTOWER and The Orphans will be playing at the Saga Centre on Thursday 12th of August at 21:00. The house opens at 20:30. Entrance fee is 1500 ISK. Everybody welcome.

Art Exhibition in Gallery Worm

Sigrun Jonsdottir hosts an Art Exhibition at the Saga Centre, the exhibition closes on Friday 13th of August. There are still unsold paintings. The background music during the exhibition is from the newly released album PORTERHOUSE and the CD is for sale at the lobby. Beautiful music to the support of a good cause.

Also for sale at the Saga Centre are paintings by the painter HRAFNHILDUR INGA SIGURÐARDOTTIR. Come and take a look.

Remember the Souvenir Shop at the Saga Centre:

Books, audited books, CDs, movies, jewellery, opportunity gifts, the viking board game, art, wool products from Varmi, a new map of Southern Iceland and many other things.

The winter agenda begins in September. Many different events all winter. The Saga Hall is open for bookings for dinner parties and other events – A great Viking Dining Hall.

Art and Music

paintingOn Saturday 3rd of July at 16:00 we will open an Art Exhibition and also celebrate the release of the CD Spinal Chords at Gallery Work, Saga Centre Holsvollur.

The show combines music and art by the band Porterhouse and the artist Sigrun Jonsdottir painter from Asvollur in Fljotshlid.

Porterhouse is a music project by Finnur Bjarki, Thorbjorg Tryggva and Hilmar Tryggvi Finsson, from Hvolsvollur. Sigrun Jonsdottir has illustrated ten musical pieces by Porterhouse. She interpreted each musical piece in her own way and made a corresponding painting depending on the context and texture of the song. The music will be played at the show.

Release of the CD Spinal Chords by Porterhouse is in the support of the Icelandic Instutution for Spinal Damage. The show received a grant from the Board of Culture in Southern Iceland.

The show is open from 3rd of July to 11th August and will be open every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

Concert Night at the Saga Center

February 16, 2010, at 20.30 there will be held concerts at the Saga Centre, Hvolsvollur.

Kitty Kovács,  piano
Balázs Stankowsky, violin


I. Ludwig v. Beethoven: Sonata No. 5 in F major, Op.24 ”Spring”

1. Allegro
2. Adagio molto espressivo
3. Scherzo: Allegro molto
4. Rondo: Allegro ma non troppo

- recession- – Refreshments -

II. Johannes Brahms: Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op.100

1. Allegro amabile
2. Andante tranquillo; Vivace; Andante; Vivace di piú; Andante; Vivace
3. Allegretto grazioso (quasi Andante)

The entrance fee is 1200 ISK and to order call 895-9160.