Welcome to the Saga Centre

The Saga Centre is a culture- and tourist information Centre for the region of Rangárþing eystra.

The Saga Centre offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the vast and fascinating world of the Sagas. As our guest you will have an incredible chance to enter the world of mythology, ocean voyages, and the discovery of new lands. Take some time and meet the characters of the famous Saga of Brennu-Njáll or as it is called in English, the Story of Burned Njal. And like several other Sagas, it has a nickname in its native Iceland, “Njala”.

As you step through the entrance of the Centre you will find yourself transported back in time. Visitors will be captivated by the deep and rich history of the Sagas. Experience the dramatic and fascinating story of the Viking age with all its romance, conflict, love, and death. Feel like a true Viking Chieftain as you sit and rest in our Viking Lodge or take a look at the model of Althingi at Thingvellir, the site where the world’s first parliament was established around 930.

The museum also lets visitors take a glance back in time and explore the life and work of past generations through the Co-Op Exhibition. The display is conceived as a walk back through time and traces the history of trade, commerce, and the co-operative movement in Southern Iceland spanning a period of more the 100 years.

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