Co-op exhibition

Since 1999 the Saga Centre has hosted an exhibition of Icelandic cooperative society, where guests can learn about the history of trade, commerce and the cooperative movement. Take a glance back in time and explore the life and work of past generations. The exhibition is conceived as a journey through time and enables guests to walk through the past 100 years of trade in Southern Iceland.

The cooperative developments in the first half of the 19th century in Iceland led to the modern cooperative movement. Visitors to the Co-op Exhibition can learn many intriguing things about both commercial activity and 20th-century technological advances. Various collections of objects such as books, photos of old commerce and cooperative activities in the southern part of Iceland are available for viewing. Visitors can see a replica of the original shop at Eyrabakki as it was on that first day of trading, with its simple furnishings and equipment and the old offices of former cooperative owners.

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