The songwriter Hordur Torfa

Hordur Torfa is the first and a unique Icelandic troubadour. As a musician, he has been admired and respected since 1970. He started out as just another guy, plucking at the strings of an old guitar, making up melodies to go with other people’s lyrics. People started hearing him and about him here and there as early as the mid-sixties.

Hordur Torfa has released 22 albums and the concerts are countless, at home and abroad. Hordur Torfa has been working as an independent songwriter since 1972. His website is now 15 years old, there you can find further information about him and his work:

Hordur Torfa is performing at a concert at the Saga Centre, on Thursday November 18th 2010, at 21:00.

Date: November 18
The house opens at 20:00
Entrance fee: 2.000,- ISK

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